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Woolen blankets became the mills specialty in 1932. Started as a sawmill and gristmill back in 1870, the woollen blanket business was founded by Archibald MacAusland, who had to convince the locals he wasn't crazy for starting up a mill and wanting to weave woollen blankets.


First the wool is put through a washing machine that was built in 1949 and washed with liquid soap and hot water. After the wool is washed, it weighs almost forty percent less, now that the dirt and grease are out.


Monday - Thursday: 8am - 5pm
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About - MacAusland Woollen Blankets

MacAusland's Woollen Mill is a name synonymous on Prince Edward Island with quality craftsmanship.

Family owned and operated, the business began operations as a sawmill and rollmill in 1870. In 1902, the company began producing woolen yarn and in 1932 they began producing woollen blankets. Since then, this quaint and proud family business has become known as the producer of the MacAusland Blanket.

Pic of MacAusland's mechanical loom

Located in the western part of Prince Edward Island, they operate the only mill in Atlantic Canada producing quality, 100% pure virgin wool blankets. The Mill has retained much of the charm and heritage of years past, together with the tradition of quality craftsmanship which characterized those years.

MacAusland's Woollen Mill - PEI

Visitors to the Mill are extended a warm
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