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The MacAusland Blanket is a truly authentic, hand-crafted gift item of Atlantic Canada, made on Prince Edward Island from raw wool produced throughout the Atlantic region.


The mill started as a sawmill and gristmill back in 1870. The business was founded by Archibald MacAusland, who had to convince the locals he wasn´t crazy for starting up a mill and wanting to weave wool blankets.


First the wool yarn is put through a washing machine that was built in 1949 and washed with liquid soap and hot water. After the wool is washed, it weighs almost forty percent less, now that the dirt and grease are out.


Family owned and operated, the business began operations as a sawmill and rollmill in 1870. In 1902, the company began producing yarn and in 1932 they began producing woollen blankets.


Monday - Thursday: 8am - 5pm
Friday: 8am - 4 pm

Crafing Wool Blankets and Wool Yarn since 1932 - Welcome to MacAusland's Woollen Mills

Crafting beautiful wool blankets and wool yarn has been the specialty of MacAuslands Woollen Mills of Prince Edward Island since 1932.  We are the only mill in Atlantic Canada still producing traditional woollen blankets of 100% virgin wool yarn.

Take a visit to MacAuslands Woollen Mills, and you will visit a family business that prides itself on old-fashioned craftsmanship.

If you are on Prince Edward Island, come visit our mill. If not, tour our web site and give us a call.

MacAusland's wool blankets have enduring quality. In recent years, a customer returned with the woollen blanket purchased before the Second World War to have the edges re-hemmed.


natural yarnFor over seventy years, MacAuslands have been producing quality woolen blankets and yarns, made of 100% virgin wool yarn. Because of the high quality of the wool, the blankets are lighter than most wool blankets, but last a lifetime.

There are four sizes of blankets available, and three types of wool yarn in almost thirty different colors. You can bring in your own wool for custom spinning or weaving, or pick from our selection of woolen blankets at the office in our mill.

pic of washable wool blanketsIf you are on Prince Edward Island, come visit our mill. If not, tour our web site and give us a call. We can take your order by phone, and ship your order to you (shipping costs are extra).




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